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Coal Iron

this is an old coal iron.i don’t have a picture because my mom took away the picture of the coal iron . A coal iron is an iron and you put hot coal in it and the iron has holes at the bottom and the heat comes out of the holes and irons the cloth.

Horse Ride

I went on a horse ride at choki dhani . It was bumpier than before! It must have very muddy hoves! Because it was walking in the mud so it can give every body rides.

Beach Day!

When I went to the beach. i went so deep that when a wave came the water reached my neck! luckily someone was there to catch me.


A bioscope is an old TV. A story is rolled up in a scroll and is unrolled by a person and you look through a glass and it looks like a movie!


Huka was used to smoke tobacco in the olden days and is still in use.

Bullock Cart Ride

Have you ever been on a bullock cart? I have. It is a bumpy ride! And if you pull the bulls tail they will run and the ride gets bumpier!But will slow down at some point .People use bullock carts to go from city to city. And in a movie, a character used a bullock cart to get to his friends house.In Chokidani,I went on a bullock cart as you.

Camel Ride

This is a camel.If you go on a camel ride hold on tight because it is going to be a bumpy ride! How do I know this? I have been on a camel ride several times. How many times have you gone on a camel ride?

Rajasthani Potter

This a rajasthani potter.Look how he makes the pots with his bare hand!

Akhila pictures

Akhila pictures

This is me hitting a Rajasthani drum.It didint sound very plesent.