My Dogs Zoe And Veer

I have two dogs named zoe and veer. they are so cute. My dogs breed is Maltese. They are seven years old. Zoe and Veers Birthday is November 4. Zoe always growls or pays attention to what i say. Veer is clever and is stubborn. Veer is also very funny. When i am at my dads they really miss me . They Are very fun to play with and they.

Fire And Ash

On Friday, I went to a play called Fire and Ash. It was about Shiva the God of destruction and war. He has a third eye. If he opens his third eye one whole forest will burn. In the play, there was a woman named Uma . She loved the forest. When she was sitting by the pond, Shiva surprisingly appeared.Uma fell at his feet .I forget what happened next..

Horse Dancing

In India there is a dance where you wear a horse costume and dance around.

Expensive Car!

This is a lombargini. It i s a very expensive car! It costs more than$ thousand ! I only saw it . When i saw it i dreamed of me in that car.

Horse Ride

I went on a horse ride at choki dhani . It was bumpier than before! It must have very muddy hoves! Because it was walking in the mud so it can give every body rides.

Beach Day!

When I went to the beach. i went so deep that when a wave came the water reached my neck! luckily someone was there to catch me.


A bioscope is an old TV. A story is rolled up in a scroll and is unrolled by a person and you look through a glass and it looks like a movie!

Camel Ride

This is a camel.If you go on a camel ride hold on tight because it is going to be a bumpy ride! How do I know this? I have been on a camel ride several times. How many times have you gone on a camel ride?

Rajasthani Potter

This a rajasthani potter.Look how he makes the pots with his bare hand!